Experience the astonishing visual world of the Anthropocene in these interactive gigapixel essays based on the large-scale photography of Edward Burtynsky, and the video work of Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier. 

Each of the experiences below depicts some of the most iconic and arresting locations the team explored throughout filming – from the pristine forests of Vancouver Island to the dizzying heights of the Italian Alps to the teeming streets of Lagos. 

These gigapixel images are created by taking a series of incremental photos of a single scene, which are then stitched together to create one super-high-resolution composite photograph. As you zoom and pan through each location, watch for spinning icons to appear, triggering hidden content that will take you deeper into each place while expanding on the ideas of how human systems have imposed themselves on the Planet through terraforming, urbanization and resource extraction. 

Cathedral Grove, Canada

*Detail pictured here.
Photograph © Edward Burtynsky

Lagos, Nigeria

*Detail pictured here.
Photograph © Edward Burtynsky

Carrara, Italy

*Detail pictured here.
Photograph © Edward Burtynsky
Photographer – Edward Burtynsky
Filmmakers – Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier
Field Producer – Jim Panou
Video Editor – Andrew Beach
Cinematographers – Nicholas de Pencier, Nicolas Jolliet (Italy), Silvio Repetto (Italy), Mike Reid (Nigeria), Ben Elekwachi (Nigeria)
Sound Edit and Mix – Bradley McClure / Home Studios
Programmer and UI Designer – Scott Herman