ANTHROPOCENE: The Human Epoch makes its international premiere
in the Spotlight program at Sundance Film Festival




(n) The proposed current geological epoch, in which humans are the primary cause of permanent planetary change.

We have reached an unprecedented moment in planetary history. Humans now arguably change the Earth and its processes more than all other natural forces combined. Climate change, extinctions, invasive species, technofossils, anthroturbation, terraforming of land, and redirection of water are all part of the indelible human signature.

The Anthropocene Project is a multidisciplinary body of work from world-renowned collaborators Nicholas de Pencier, Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal. Combining art, film, virtual reality, augmented reality, and scientific research, the project investigates human influence on the state, dynamic and future of the Earth.







December 10, 2018

ANTHROPOCENE: The Human Epoch, Ava and Maison du bonheur compete for Rogers $100,000 Best Canadian Film Award Read the full press release here. 

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‘It’s emotional. It’s visceral’: Jennifer Baichwal on the power of art to open up consciousness

December 6, 2018

CBC Arts At AGO Creative Minds, the Anthropocene director spoke about how art can help us survive in a time of climate Jennifer Baichwal’s Anthropocene project — a film and exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario created with Edward Burtynsky and Nicholas de Pencier — is an arresting look at how humans are leaving a terrifying signature on the…

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TIFF’s Top 10 Canadian Films names ‘Anthropocene’, Haida-language feature

December 5, 2018

CTV News TORONTO — A documentary about humanity’s impact on the Earth and a feature shot in the Haida language are among TIFF’s top 10 Canadian features of the year. The organization that runs the Toronto International Film Festival released its Top Ten lists of features and shorts of 2018. View the full list for…

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Aerial Photographs Convey Humanity’s Devastating Effects on Nature

December 4, 2018

By Lev Feigin  | Hyperallergic “If we view ourselves from a great height, it is frightening to realize how little we know about our species, our purpose and our end,” wrote the novelist W.G. Sebald in Rings of Saturn. From the window of a plane above an urban sprawl, we witness among geometries of rooftops, factories, and…

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Anthropocene art installation explores human impact on the environment

December 3, 2018

CBC News: The National  Three artists have made it their mission to put humanity’s impact on the environment on display. CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault spoke to the artists to discuss Anthropocene, the documentary and multimedia exhibit. Watch the segment here.

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Creative Minds: As the climate teeters on the edge, can art help us survive?

December 3, 2018

CBC Arts Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Jennifer Baichwal, Brian Jungen and Tanya Talaga discuss art amid ecosystem collapse Our planet is reaching a tipping point. As global temperatures rise, the effects of climate change are accelerating around us. From melting polar ice caps to deadly storms to catastrophic floods to raging wildfires, the world is…

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See the Anthropocene on the Great Lakes

November 29, 2018

By Krystyn Tully | Great Lakes Guide The planet around you is changing. It’s happening quickly, and it’s happening in dramatic ways. From the land we walk on to the waters we drink, your earth today is very different from your grandparents’ Earth. People have altered the Earth in such profound, lasting ways that scientists say…

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The Anthropocene—Coming Soon to a Theater (and Museum, and Bookshelf) Near You

November 28, 2018

By Clara Chaisson | OnEarth Anthropocene is a clunky word for an even more unwieldy concept. But props to the Merriam-Webster team who have given us a dictionary definition that’s easy enough to follow. Anthropocene: (n.) The period of time during which human activities have had an environmental impact on the earth regarded as constituting a distinct geological age. Try to…

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The Sundance Film Festival’s anticipated premieres include the Canadian documentary Anthropocene and a making-of doc about Alien

November 28, 2018

By Peter Howell | Toronto Star The 2019 Sundance Film Festival will take moviegoers from the Earth to the moon and to the deepest part of space where no one can hear you scream. Robert Redford’s annual independent film showcase in Park City, Utah, running Jan. 24 to Feb. 3, could be called a “Triple A”…

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A review of documentary film Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

November 14, 2018

By Suresh Nellikode | MeriNews We’re living, living precariously, sometimes, hopelessly too! The stunning images and shocking ironies in connection with human inflicted realities make this documentary film, Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, a memorable one. A beautiful film with unbelievable examples of human greed without any concerns of life the posterity is going to face. The overweening and…

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