(n) The proposed current geological epoch, in which humans are the primary cause of permanent planetary change.

We have reached an unprecedented moment in planetary history. Humans now arguably change the Earth and its processes more than all other natural forces combined. Climate change, extinctions, invasive species, technofossils, anthroturbation, terraforming of land, and redirection of water are all part of the indelible human signature.

The Anthropocene Project is a multidisciplinary body of work from world-renowned collaborators Nicholas de Pencier, Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal. Combining art, film, virtual reality, augmented reality, and scientific research, the project investigates human influence on the state, dynamic and future of the Earth.






[PRESS RELEASE] The Anthropocene Education Program

November 14, 2019

Art-inspired program uses high tech to raise awareness of the planet’s environmental stress points and encourage sustainable actions in the face of a plastics crisis OTTAWA, Nov. 13, 2019 /CNW/ – Many students are unaware that common, everyday activities place a demand on the natural world: from buying and consuming food, to throwing out plastic waste in the…

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This Stunning Exhibition Examines Humankind’s Impact on Earth

November 14, 2019

Anthropocene, a radical multisensory media exhibit, runs through January 5 at MAST Foundation. By Gabriella Golenda | Metropolis Magazine In the exhibition Anthropocene, there are aerial photos of a snow-dusted open-pit coal mine in Wyoming, a sawmill cutting its way through deteriorating lowland rainforests of Nigeria, and heliostat mirrors in a sublime formation at a solar…

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Ep. 4 — ‘Anthropocene’: Naming the climate crisis

October 22, 2019

TVO’s Word Bomb As the Earth responds ever more rapidly to human activity, a controversial group of scientists is proposing that we’ve entered a new epoch: the age of the Anthropocene. Pippa and Karina sit down with earth scientists and a documentary filmmaker [Nicholas de Pencier] to talk about how the crisis is packaged and…

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How Humans Have Changed the Earth’s Geology

October 15, 2019

Brut Media Humans are a relatively new addition to the earth, but we have changed geology more than any natural force. This epoch is called anthropocene — and it might be the last one. These changes to nature, caused by human alteration and are supported by overwhelming evidence, are referred to as the Anthropocene. “The…

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29 Cameras and 203 Hours of Footage Later, This Haunting Movie Exists

October 7, 2019

Emily Buder | No Film School Anthropocene: The Human Epoch directors and cinematographers unpack the ambitious scale of the visually-stunning and perennially haunting project. It’s fitting that Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, a film that attempts to convey the massive impact of humanity on the earth’s landscapes, would require such a large-scale production. The film’s three directors —…

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INTERVIEW: ‘Anthropocene’ doc examines reengineering of planet Earth

October 6, 2019

By John Soltes | Hollywood Soapbox The human footprint on planet Earth has proved to be destructive and life-changing. In fact, increasingly it has become fatal, for both flora and fauna in the world, and the new documentary Anthropocene: The Human Epoch details the ravages upon the natural world by the most powerful species spread throughout the…

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September 30, 2019

Alliance of Women Film Journalists If teen global warming activist Greta Thunberg’s passionate, scolding speeches about the precarious state of our planet haven’t totally pushed your panic button yet, there’s a good chance “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch” will. Jennifer Baichwal’s stunning but sobering documentary captures humanity’s impact on the globe with images that cannot be…

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‘Anthropocene’ Documentary Shows How Humans Are Wreaking Havoc On The Planet

September 27, 2019

By Brooke Shuman | Huffington Post “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch,” a documentary by filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and photographer Edward Burtynsky, is a nature story gone awry, a dazzling and at times nauseating document of the far-reaching, and possibly catastrophic, impact that humans have had on the planet.  The film gets its title…

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Anthropocene: The Human Epoch | Inside the Documentary

September 27, 2019

Popcorn Talk Join Frank Moran as he interviews filmmakers: Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier, and Edward Burtynsky. “Anthropocene” is defined as the current geological epoch in which humans are the primary cause of permanent planetary change. The upcoming documentary ANTHROPOCENE: The Human Epoch is unflinching in its depiction of the destruction of the natural world,…

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The Wonders and Terrors of Humanity’s Impact on Earth

September 25, 2019

By Laura Leavitt | Hyperallergic Featuring stunning landscape photography, the documentary Anthropocene surveys a new era of human-driven geology. The cult film Koyaanisqatsi, named after the Hopi idea of “life lived out of balance,” contains no dialogue, but rather scenes all over the world — of cities, nature, the tiniest industrially produced products, and the vastness of canyons.…

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