Cutting-edge artistry ushers in troubling new era

By Sandra Abma | CBC News

This week on the list: a mind-boggling look at humankind’s impact on our planet, a showcase of animation’s best and brightest, and a big sound on a couple of small stages.


Anthropocene, on now at the National Gallery of Canada, is a vivid voyage into the environmental catastrophe wrought by we humans in our pursuit of minerals, industrialization and urbanization.

At the centre of this interactive multi-media experience are the immense, high-resolution photographs of Edward Burtynsky, simultaneously frightening and eerily beautiful depictions of deforestation and urban blight.

The images have been been augmented with 3D technology that can be activated by a smart phone or tablet, allowing viewers to virtually step inside the images. (If you don’t own one, tablets are available for loan the exhibition entrance.)

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