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Assessing Agricultural Drought in the Anthropocene: A Modified Palmer Drought Severity Index

By Mingzhi Yang , Weihua Xiao * ,Yong Zhao * ,Xudong Li, Fan Lu,Chuiyu Lu and Yan Chen | Drought Monitoring, Forecasting, and Risk Assessment Abstract In the current human-influenced era, drought is initiated by natural and human drivers, and human activities are as integral to drought as meteorological factors. In large irrigated agricultural regions with high levels of human intervention, where the natural farmland soil moisture…

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More from Shandong

Last week on location in Shandong with @nickdepencier, @edwardburtynsky and @noahweinzweig. 📷: Cloud Zhibin Wang — Anthropocene Film (@anthropocene) July 12, 2016 On location in Shandong, China last week shooting for @anthropocene. Thanks to Cloud Zhibin Wang for the photo. — Edward Burtynsky (@edwardburtynsky) July 12, 2016

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On Location in Shandong

RT @nickdepencier: @edwardburtynsky & the mighty Noah Weinzweig on location in Shandong filming @anthropocene. — Anthropocene Film (@anthropocene) July 6, 2016

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