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Earth Day: Anthropocene

By Mathieu Sly | NGC Magazine | This year 22 April is both Earth Day and Throw Back Thursday, so it is an ideal opportunity to reflect back upon a powerful exhibition presented at the National Gallery of Canada in 2018: Anthropocene. When I came to see the exhibition, it was as a visitor and I had not done any…

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Crave Original Documentaries SHARKWATER EXTINCTION and ANTHROPOCENE: THE HUMAN EPOCH Anchor Earth Day on Crave, April 22

TORONTO (March 19, 2019) – As Canadians prepare to celebrate the best in documentary filmmaking at this year’s Hot Docs Festival, Bell Media’s Crave, home to an unmatched collection of more than 500 documentaries, commemorates Earth Day with two powerful and moving original documentaries from some of Canada’s most prolific and celebrated filmmakers. Read the…

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