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Generation Anthropocene: How Humans Have Altered the Planet for Ever

By Robert Macfarlane | The Guardian | April 1, 2016 In 2003 the Australian philosopher Glenn Albrecht coined the term solastalgiato mean a “form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change”. Albrecht was studying the effects of long-term drought and large-scale mining activity on communities in New South Wales, when he realised that no word…

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New Evidence Shows Global Climate Change Began Way Back in 1610

By Eric Holthaus | Slate | February 17, 2016 With evidence mounting that humanity has become a true force of nature “as Earth-changing as a meteorite strike,” it’s natural to wonder just exactly when our collective influence over our home planet’s environment became so dominant. That question has sparked a roaring debate among scientists that’s led to an effort to…

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