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INTERVIEW: ‘Anthropocene’ doc examines reengineering of planet Earth

By John Soltes | Hollywood Soapbox The human footprint on planet Earth has proved to be destructive and life-changing. In fact, increasingly it has become fatal, for both flora and fauna in the world, and the new documentary Anthropocene: The Human Epoch details the ravages upon the natural world by the most powerful species spread throughout the…

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TIFF Review: ‘Anthropocene: The Human Epoch’

By Patrick Mullen | Point of View Magazine  Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky, Nicholas de Pencier document the devastating consequences of human activity in Anthropocene. In a way, they’ve been documenting it for nearly fifteen years. Anthropocene is the third installment in the team’s epic trilogy of spectacular environmental essay films that began with Manufactured Landscapes (2006) andWatermark (2013). The latest film is…

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These photos show just how much damage humans have done to the planet

Phosphor Tailings Pond #4, Near Lakeland, Florida, USA 2012. A photograph by Edward Burtynsky from The Anthropocene Project

By Adele Peters | Fast Company At the Dandora landfill in Nairobi–which officially shut down in 2012, but where people haven’t stopped dumping trash–some mounds made mostly of plastic bags rise 15 feet high. In Edward Burtynsky’s new photo book, Anthropocene, the landfill represents the idea of “technofossils”–human-made objects, from plastic to mobile phones and cement, that…

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Edward Burtynsky’s Anthropocene premieres at TIFF

By Jessica Wei | Post City Toronto The renowned Toronto-based photographer Edward Burtynsky’s career has traced the movement of humans on this earth through the industrial footprint we’ve left on it. Now, his career culminates in his latest work, Anthropocene. The new multi-disciplinary art, publishing and film project, in collaboration with director Jennifer Baichwal and cinematographer Nicholas…

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TIFF 2018: Will the wait be worth it for Dolan, Arcand and Burtynsky?

By Kate Taylor | The Globe and Mail  It takes money, time and persistence to get a movie made in any country but in Canada the task can feel like moving a mountain. I’m looking forward to the slate of Canadian films at the Toronto International Film Festival this year and in particular I am eager…

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